Why our Clients Choose & Stay with The Management Agency

Over the last couple of years, it’s become obvious to me that there is a demand & dare I say a real need for a super responsive & proactive Property Management Service.

It’s what our clients are looking for when they come to us, they’re usually already disillusioned and with either low expectations or sometimes high demands having been burned before.

It’s unfortunate for us to have to start on the back foot, but we’re up to the challenge of proving to our clients that we can meet their expectations and we can match the demands that they have – within reason of course.

Having grown this Rent-Roll from a handful of personal & family members’ investment properties, we know each and every one of our clients’ properties pretty thoroughly and the workload has been very full-on to “clean up” our clients’ investments & their tenancies. This “clean-up” has been to get properties up to scratch, compliance sorted, and to ensure every tenancy runs as smoothly as possibly.

Why my clients choose me to manage their investments can be so varied, it can be as simple as; Antonio is quick to respond to calls & emails or trust-based in knowing that they can leave decisions to me to be made in their best interests and later backed up by laying out the rationale.

So, whilst chatting to some of my clients over the past month, I asked them “Why they chose me over other agencies” and here’s a snapshot of the responses that I got;

  • You were referred to me by a Buyers Agent that I had a really good experience with & they said the other clients they had referred were very happy with your service”
  • “I had got the feeling you were very honest, upfront & also had a very casual & common-sense approach to things”
  • “Because from the beginning nothing was ever too hard and the information I needed was always on hand, so I assumed that’s just how you were naturally and would be throughout our time working together”
  • “We both were aligned and in agreement that it’s important for the Property Manager & tenant to have a good relationship & that’s really what made you stand out, knowing my tenants will be able to approach you if they need something & you always seem to know what’s going on in their lives at the house”
  • “When I first discussed moving my Property to The Management Agency with you, you answered my questions really quickly and were really detailed. Nothing seemed like too much trouble so the whole process was made easy”

Of other longer time clients, I asked: “Why do you remain on and stay with The Management Agency”

  • “You get results, you know what you’re doing and you always do what you say you’re going to do”
  • “Well, I thought we were friends as well as having a professional relationship, it’s nice to be able to talk business but also have a friendly chat”
  • “Why would I go elsewhere, you know my properties really well and when I call more often than not, you answer”
  • “We don’t think anyone else offers what you do, they don’t have or don’t allocate the amount of time you do to your clients and their properties. They are not as thorough as you. We know that you don’t take on every client that comes your way so you’ve tailored what you manage to consider your current clients first over getting new business and we respect that”

I think the last response really resonated with me the most, when clients see what you are trying to achieve and acknowledge it that means the world. They also realized that I’m trying to prevent what used to occur in so many of the agencies I’ve worked in before.

That is, the focus was always on new business instead of servicing current clients as the first priority. I never saw the point of signing up new clients when your current clients were walking out the door! This may slow the growth of The Management Agency but that’s the way we want it, sustainable & set up for the long term.

Thanks for reading on, I thought it was a great idea to get a real account of why my clients engage me to manage their properties but for some further feedback from clients & tenants of The Management Agency, you can read through our many positive Google Reviews here.

If you are an investor looking for a new Property Manager feel free to contact me to have a chat and see if we align & could potentially work together.


– Antonio

Director & Property Manager