The Management Agency – Two Years In

So, you clicked the link, and here is the story behind this photo.

The Management Agency started out in my Garden Studio in Bowral, two years ago. It started some 100kms away from the properties I was listing and managing from Day 1 (my clients knew this).

If it wasn’t for me living away from Sydney, to begin with, it’s likely that I never would’ve started the business. Looking back now, I almost can’t believe that it’s been two years since I hit the ground running and started my own little Property Management business.

So the photo… well, while I was commuting back and forth from Sydney to Bowral, I’d pull into this rest stop on the Hume Highway which was about halfway home. I would pull out my laptop and catch up on my emails that had been coming through whilst I was driving.  I’d then get back on the road, get home and catch up on more admin, calls, and emails. Most weeks, I would likely be repeating the process the next day.

Whilst it wasn’t every day that I was traveling, over time, and throughout 2019, The Management Agency grew more and more, to a point where I knew that a move back to Sydney was inevitable. Earlier this year I made the decision to move back to Sydney, just before COVID-19 hit. Since then, in this short time, The Management Agency has grown by over 50%.

Obviously, this was the right move!

What this picture represents is the hard work and sacrifice that I have made to get to this point. Whilst things have become a lot easier from a logistical point of view, the hard work continues to be put in to ensure that my clients continue to receive the high levels of service that they have become accustomed to.

We’re in a time now where being employed is something we do need to be grateful for, hence “gratefully busy” is my new catchphrase. I can’t recall a time in the last two years, where I haven’t had new business in the works, whether that’s a lead for a new property or a new client in the pipeline. I am fortunate and very grateful for this success.

From the outset, I wanted a slow and organic growth for The Management Agency. As I write this, I have 13 new properties coming on board this month and this reaffirms that from Day 1, I made the right decisions and that clearly there is a market for the style and level of service that I offer. I’m ecstatic that I have exceeded my growth targets in this past Financial Year.

While I’m being reflective here, I have to say, I never could’ve done this without the support of my awesome partner & admin ace, Nelson. With his support and the ongoing encouragement of many friends, family members, and fellow Property Managers, I got from Day 1 to this two year anniversary.

Humble Beginnings
Humble Beginnings

Along with my humble beginnings, hard work, and moving back to Sydney, there are absolutely no regrets. The Management Agency has given me the ability to offer a service that I am proud of and one where my clients can be assured that someone is looking out for them. I thank them all whenever I get the opportunity, for being on board and for their support.

It hasn’t been without its challenges, long days, and what seems to be one of the toughest years for us all, 2020. Looking back though, it’s been nothing but liberating and rewarding.

Back to my car picture though; This is where I would set out from on sunny, cold, raining, and hailing days (have the dents to prove it) as I made the journeys between my home office, properties, and appointments. No matter how many people said it wasn’t practical, possible, or had something negative to say when I set out originally, this two year period has shown me that nothing is truer than “You get out what you put in”.

Thank you for coming along for the ride with me.



– Antonio

Director & Property Manager