What Clients Like about The Management Agency


The Management Agency, in business terms is relatively new and small, though growing at a steady pace.

Feedback is invaluable, whether it be good or bad it’s a must to find out how you’re doing from your clients perspectives and many times the only way to find out, is to ask, welcome it and listen.

I recently spoke with a few of our clients recently and asked them what they’re liking so far;

It’s a Small Business

I run a small business and happily so, having worked in many agencies it means I’ve had to manage a large number of properties at the one time. In many agencies a single Property Manager can Manage up to 200 properties, so no wonder why it’s stressful and things get missed. With a significantly smaller pool of properties and engaging the most up to date and relevant software and programs it’s definitely all Manageable.

People like to shop small and it’ll stay small and limited to ensure that the service is always there and available for our clients.

Communicative & Responsive Service

With a small portfolio of properties, comes time. Having been used to an endless to do list, I’m enjoying the additional time to make sure I’ve covered all bases and am available when it suits my clients and tenants. There’s no confusion as to who to call and being the person on the front line, it’s up to me to have the answers or to seek them. People like to call or email me directly for the answers that they need regardless of the subject of their enquiry.

Ease of access to Information

I have had some great feedback on our Financial reporting, easy to understand and customisable to client’s preferences. All of my clients have different needs when it comes to how they want their reports and the software I’ve implemented makes that very simple.

Clients also like accessing previous statements, inspection reports and Invoices via their client access portal which also holds important information such as upcoming expiry and review dates, rental figures, forecasting and financial history.

Tenants also have 24/7 access to statements, receipts and correspondence.

All of our owners and tenants are issued access invitations at the time of signing

Our Welcoming Difference

Tenants have been most vocal about the difference in their experience with The Management Agency vs a traditional agency. They’ve found it very convenient that lease signings are carried out at the property, usually on their moving day and they get to view the property, sign the lease and take keys then and there and have any questions answered on the spot.

Tenants are grateful that they get to meet at their new home instead of an office as it’s much more convenient for them.

Direct Feedback

A further benefit of being on the front line is honest and real feedback from prospective tenants when showing properties for lease, post periodic inspections and passing that on, unfiltered, to all parties. Having a Property Manager meet prospective tenants and checking applications has helped to place the most suitable tenancies. Honesty and transparency with owners and tenants are always important but doing so, face to face at a property provides a further layer of clarity and understanding where the third party is limited to one person, Me.

Clients were very open in saying that having been referred from someone with first hand experience with the way in which I operate gave them confidence and then having met one on one they felt that the one on one approach and simplicity of the processes made complete sense.

It’s clear that we’re doing something right where various new clients have been referred by friends, family members, our tradespeople and even our tenants. They trust this advice and my priority is then to maintain service levels across the board and provide a uniform service, this has been crucial.

Somewhat surprising to me, and maybe to others, has been that tenants have actively referred property owners to The Management Agency, surprising because it goes against what many think, that Property Managers don’t “try” to, or, have good relationships with their tenants.

Word of mouth has such a positive touch to the beginning of a new relationship and it was always my goal to have a business that grows in this way.

Whilst I’ll always carry out some marketing and social media activity, I feel that’s more so to keep our followers in the loop and show people that The Management Agency is active, listening and trying to add value by sharing knowledge and advice regardless of their being a client or not.

2018 will always be the year I left the stability and certainty that working for a Real Estate office provides and swapped that for building and operating The Management Agency where it’s all about Property Management and being involved in all aspects of every transaction.

“It is very encouraging and motivating to be justified in my belief that the Property Management space had a need for what The Management Agency is offering”

Whilst being a relatively new business, my personal 15 years of Real Estate industry experience has really paved the way for me to have my role as Property Manager down pat with several tweaks made to suit The Management Agency’s objectives and being a Director has really just meant I’m much more invested in outcomes and client satisfaction, it also does a lot for one’s motivation.

2019 has geared up quickly, with new properties coming onto the market, new tenants moving into their new homes and plenty of interest from investors wanting to know more about The Management Agency.,

I look forward, to 2019 being a year of growth, continued learning, evolving and implementation.

Whilst I am confident that The Management Agency will grow, it will be sustainably, organic and never to the detriment of our clients and the service that they signed up for!

The Management Agency is nimble but we have the time, resources but most importantly the ability and willingness.


– Antonio

Director & Property Manager