Finding a New Home


Painful is the only way I can summarise moving house & I move a lot. Looking back, I have an average of moving every 3 years and for many different reasons, Buying & Selling, moving for size & more space and so on.

My 2021 move though has given me the complete perspective of a tenant though & in the area that I work in which I have not experienced before. So, for a few reasons, I found myself looking for a rental property to make a base for The Management Agency for a year or so while I plan my next property move.

Obviously, I hear firsthand from tenants that I meet about what they go through but going through this process has really given me a new insight & newfound respect for tenants that are actively looking in the rental market. Boy has the rental market woken up in 2021, supply levels are way down on 2020 and there are many prospective tenants still looking to make a move and some really need to move. So needless to say there were ques and a lot of interest in the Surry Hills & Redfern area as we’ve been seeing across our own viewings.

I won’t name & shame, now or ever, thankfully the managing agents for the property I secured are amazing but just Picture this;

I went to a property in Surry Hills which was two levels, lined up, masked up and QR coded in. The agent was only allowing one group at a time. Mind you there was a line through the building & they had set a total of 10 minutes for the Open House.

As the property was still occupied, we were only allowed to inspect 1 of the 2 levels. So, none of the prospective tenants could see the bedrooms or bathroom. Who is going to rent a property that they’ve barely seen? NO ONE, and yes, I did storm out of that property as my Saturday morning was wasting away, the first Saturday I’d had off in ages as all of my properties had been leased.

Needless to say, it was ½ an hour after the “open house” had begun, so much for the 10-minute window.

What would I have done differently? For a start, I would not have shown the property or advertised it until after the tenant had moved. It was obvious that they weren’t comfortable with people going into the property due to COVID-19 which is not the issue, but if you’re going to put a property on the market, with one external building photo mind you, do it properly and allow people to see the whole property.

That’s just one example & I’m not saying I’ve never been late for a legitimate reason or shown a property that’s not 100% ready or it might’ve been mid-renovation or whatever but still… for the most part all I experienced was a lot of waiting around past appointment times & no real interest or care from Leasing agents. Little requests for feedback or general courtesy, it’s no wonder we’re viewed so poorly!

Landlords, prospective tenants face huge barriers to being able to rent your properties, so if you doubt your property is being offered effectively then get involved.

Tenants, I feel for you. Saturday’s viewings are like being a contestant on The Amazing Race, less the Amazing part. I don’t know what to tell you, I can see that tenants can be turned off properties simply because of the barriers they face, the unanswered questions, competition & in some cases, the unfortunate attitude of agents that they face.

Thankfully though as I mentioned, locked in a cute Terrace (Pet Friendly) with an efficient agency and the boxes are getting unpacked. Who wants to hear how the rest of the move worked out? Comment below!

Antonio Mesiti is the Principal & Property Manager at The Management Agency, a local Property Management specialist offering a one on one service for his Property Investor clients.

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– Antonio

Director & Property Manager