Property Owners

I know my property is in good hands

Enjoy the benefits your rental property is meant to give you. And let us take care of its everyday management.

With The Management Agency, there’s no question of who’s staying on top of things.
You’ve got one dedicated agent whose sole focus is on managing your property smoothly.

We keep our promise of 1:1 property management.

Because in the world of rental properties, the little things add up.

In your typical real estate agency, most focus is on property sales. Property management is an afterthought, and property managers are swamped because profit is paramount.

They must juggle the needs of far too many properties and spread tasks across multiple staff.

The result?

There’s a high turnover of property managers. Nobody knows the entire history of your property. Vital information is lost in translation. Owners and tenants are kept waiting far too long for answers.

And you’re never really sure your property is being managed in the best way possible.

You start to wonder:

  • Am I getting what I’m paying for?
  • Has the market changed? Have the rules changed?
  • Is my agency proactive or merely looking after the bare minimum?
  • Did my agent try to find me the right tenants, or did they go for a quick win?

Our 1:1 tailored service from start to finish flips the script on property management. It removes these common frustrations and fears by keeping things simple, smart and safe.

Our boutique approach to property management is for you if:

  • You don’t have the time or the desire to manage the day-to-day needs of your rental property.
  • You’re looking for an end-to-end solution, seen through by the same person – your property manager, your primary point of contact.
  • You want a licenced specialist who knows your local market intimately and can give you an achievable rental figure, not an inflated pie-in-the-sky one.
  • You appreciate the value of having someone keeping watch on what could be done to attract (or hold onto) your ideal tenants and ensure the highest returns keep coming your way
  • You like your property manager to put people before profit, keeping client numbers low so service stays high – for you and your tenants. After all, a happy tenant means a happy tenancy.

 What’s included:


Regular property inspections

Your property manager will routinely inspect your property at agreed intervals.


Rent collection

We monitor, collect and disburse your rental monies for you.


Payment of outgoings

Rates, levies, fees. We ensure all your regular outgoings are taken care of.


Repairs and maintenance

Leave the coordination of all repairs, maintenance and minor refurbishments to us.


Property access

We organise access for all appointments for you, liaising with tenants, tradespeople and so on.


Property condition, repair and maintenance reporting

Our detailed reports, including photographic records, give you the necessary information.


Owner Portal

View your property information, plus current and historical statements. Drill into inspection reports, keep track of maintenance jobs, and more anytime you want with our 24-hour online owner portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do. We offer flexibility around:

  • Owner payments
    – you can opt to make these fortnightly or monthly at mid and end of month or just end of month
  • Outgoings
    – you can choose to have the payments of your outgoings taken from your rental income
  • Repairs and maintenance
    – we’ll discuss how you’d like repairs and maintenance to be actioned

We do. This letting fee covers a huge range of tasks we need to get through before your new tenant is safely in your property.

These include:

  • arranging and conducting Open House Inspections
  • receiving and processing tenant applications and presenting these to you
  • preparing and distributing your detailed property condition report
  • organising for the lease to be signed
  • obtaining keys for new tenants
  • collecting and lodging the rental bond and rental monies
  • conducting an onsite briefing
  • notifying Strata Management (where applicable) of new tenant particulars
  • and a bunch of other nitty-gritty stuff we won’t bore you with – there’s heaps of that.

We’ll market your property with highlighted listings on both and, plus we’ll list it here on our website.

We also keep a database of past and prospective tenants handy, so we give them a heads-up too.

As soon as we’re aware a tenant is ready to move on, we let you know, and we come up with a plan of attack.

Properties are advertised ahead of the current tenant vacating, where possible, to maximise exposure to prospective tenants. We aim to fit in as many inspections as possible during this period.

Vacant properties are constantly reassessed as to where they sit comparatively to others in the area. This is to make sure the pricing is in line with supply and demand at the time, and to see if any value-adds can be made to attract your ideal tenants.

Owners are kept up to date throughout the whole process, and we consistently provide updates on the levels of interest and prospective tenant feedback.

To reach the right rental figure, your property will be assessed thoroughly and comparatively. We look at properties currently available, as well properties we’ve leased previously.

In addition to taking account of your property’s size and location, the entirety of attributes, features and inclusions will be factored in, as will supply and demand in real time.

Most rental markets have altered levels of supply and demand week-on-week, which is why we maintain a steady watch.

We don’t charge any fees until we’ve executed a lease for your property.

The management fee is charged on rental income, so while it is in all parties’ best interests to have your property leased, we persevere with our goal to lease your property to suitable tenants only – these are tenants that you have approved.

You sure do. Unless we’re instructed otherwise, we actually encourage owners to make the final decision on applicants we put forward.

We will, of course, give you our advice and recommendations based on having met the prospective tenants and thoroughly checked through their references.

The online Property Owner portal is the easiest way.

This gives you 24-hour access to the status of your property portfolio, statements, leases and rent status, and acts as a conduit for communications with us.

You could; however, self-managing your property is a risky and time-consuming way to go.

Navigating all the intricacies of the Residential Tenancies Act, ensuring all your legal requirements are met, and mitigating the many and varied risks involved in leasing a property is certainly not for the faint hearted.

Nor is dealing with difficult tenancy situations. In an increasingly litigious society, and when emotions can run high, the knowledge and experience of a licenced property manager is invaluable.

There is no legal requirement for landlord insurance; however, it is standard best practice to take out this form of specialised insurance.

In our professional opinion, you leave yourself far too exposed to financial and legal risk without it.

Other types of insurance policies and protections, such as building insurance, bond, and owners corporation insurance, will not cover your risk, which is why we strongly recommend you have a dedicated landlord insurance policy.

These are affordable, and we can guide you through the process.

Within two business days of us inspecting your property, a detailed inspection report will be prepared and uploaded to the Property Owner’s portal.

This report will detail any concerns from tenants as well as any comments or recommendations from us.

The report will come complete with accompanying photographs of the property.

Shortly after new tenants have moved in (and have been given a chance to settle in), we’ll carry out an initial inspection.

After that, inspections are carried out at agreed intervals.

Absolutely, we can walk you through the process. It is surprisingly simple and not as complicated as most would think.