Pet Owners Pushing for a Change


1 in 5 pet owners have been forced to let their beloved Pets go when they’ve been unable to find a rental property that allows Pets. 20,000 cats and dogs have had to be euthanised simply because they’re not welcome in rental or strata accommodation.

Whilst the end decision is to the landlord as to their preference and suitability for a pet to be accommodated for, there are some advantages to allowing pets where possible. Tenants with Pets do tend to be more long term as tenants and the large majority take their responsibilities very seriously and take extra care to ensure the property is not subject to excessive wear and tear.

In any case, for an owner to get a choice of prospective tenants by getting more people through the front door then at least being open to the idea opens up a lot of possibilities so consider advertising that Pets will be considered and give it serious consideration. As a landlord of a tenant with a dog I’ve found that regular inspections can at the very least give an owner some peace of mind.

If you are a pet owner and tenant then be sure to request and keep written references from where you have rented in the past, these can be invaluable for when you next apply for a rental property and as a Property Manager I’ve always found it helpful to have photos of the pet included with the rental application- just to help to better describe the pet when submitting the application to the owner.


– Antonio

Director & Property Manager