What happened to Customer Service?


While it could be said that I’m turning this blog into an outlet for my own personal frustration, I think what I want to vent about also applies to Landlords & Tenants so I’m rolling with that.

Maybe we all share the feeling, that real Customer Service is dead & gone? Sure, there is service, we get served etc but what about a service that is responsive & offers solutions.

It doesn’t always have to be super friendly but amicable maybe, or at the very least, helpful.

I’m sensing more and more that truly good service experiences are becoming harder to find.

OK so my annoyance is personal, in the last couple of months I’ll sum it up;

  • Enquires with car dealer about a new model expected to arrive this year, dealer says they will email me specs and model details when they get off the call. Never happens
  • ½ Zoom call with a home lending Broker, agree that they will request certain documents in an email and follow up with a call in 2 weeks. Neither occurs
  • ½ phone call with another Broker, says they are texting me their email address so I can send them documents across, no text or call almost 5 weeks later
  • Call with a Major bank who is my current lender, supposed to come back to me with some figures. 4 weeks later, no email and no call, or response to text or email.
  • Enquired about a property for sale & 3 rental properties recently and NO response to inspection requests. No response, whatsoever.

I’m sorry, is it me or them?

Is it too much to expect that when someone says that they will do something that they actually do it? I really don’t think so.

If you make a request for a service, from a service provider, isn’t some response warranted. Aside from my personal surprise at this, it kind of shocks me that someone would enquire about a property and then never be given a call or email back to deal with that enquiry. If that was my property I’d be appalled.

On the other side of the spectrum and among these honestly, just crap experiences have been some good ones.

I enquired about a property for sale from a Sales agent who has been around for some time, I thanked them for getting back to me but told them I didn’t have my finances in order- thanks to the above-mentioned brokers. He goes an extra step to reply to my enquiry copying in a recommended broker who turns out to be great!

A sales agent, see’s no sale in sight but still shares those details. Sure they may have a business arrangement but still- it’s value-adding- kind of what we should all be doing!

Then you have my friend Allysha who runs her own biz, The Organised Boss, working as a Virtual Assistant. Always busy, I’m not even a client of hers but man she replies when I have a question or need something.

Anyway, I’m not saying that we need to be ON for our clients 24/7, because I’m surely not. But when we are on, can we be nice & can we do our Jobs. Be helpful and provide a service.

Rant over. Till next time!

I’ll decompress over the upcoming break I’m sure, Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy & Safe festive season,



– Antonio

Director & Property Manager