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Information for tenants, whether you’re applying to rent with us or are already on board, we’ve got all you need right here.

Grab a cuppa and have a read for a simple and stress-free tenancy with us.

Applying to rent?

Have you got your eye on one of our rentals? That’s exciting. Your first port of call is the Tenancy Application Form.

If you cannot access or complete the application form online, get in touch and we’ll send a Tenancy Application Form to you.

Starting Your Tenancy

Once your tenancy application has been accepted, our journey begins. Cue the paperwork. 

You will receive the following:

  • Your new lease and accompanying documentation
  • A payment details letter outlining the options available for your rental payments 
  • A rental reference number unique to your tenancy
  • A link to the Rental Bond Board’s online payment portal
  • Payment confirmation from the Rental Bond Board
  • A Rental Bond Number from the Rental Bond Board

Once we have your Rental Bond Number, we hand over the keys to your new home.

Utility Connections

Under the Residential Tenancy Agreement, the connection and serviceability of Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Internet and Pay TV are a tenant’s responsibility.
We recommend that you arrange for your connections to be made before your move-in date. Your chosen service providers will be responsible for connections, metre readings, and ongoing serviceability.

Parking Permits

We recommend contacting the local council to find out about parking permits before signing your lease. Permits are only sometimes available for properties, depending on zoning and allowances.

Insurance for Tenants

We recommend you take out contents insurance to insure your contents against theft, fire, damage, or any other event you may consider necessary. Please be aware that the landlord’s insurance will not cover damage to your furniture or belongings.

Tenant Portal

We also invite you to access the tenant portal, which gives you 24/7 access to the vast majority of information you’ll need about your tenancy. This will enable you to:

  • Request repairs 
  • View your current lease and rent status
  • View property details and any outstanding items
  • View your transaction history
  • Access receipts and invoices
  • Communicate with us!

During Your Tenancy

Property Condition Report

At the start of your lease, you’ll be given an in-going property condition report. Please complete the report and return it to us via email or post within seven days of moving in. 

NB: If you spot any repairs to be made or any maintenance issues at this point, please email us about those separately or submit a repair request through the Tenant Portal.

The in-going property condition report solely relates to the condition the property is in on handover to you.

Rental Payments

It’s important for you to pay your rent on time, and to always provide your rental reference number so we can identify your payment and allocate it to you. Arrears are recorded on your rental ledger, which may harm your chances of success in future tenancy applications.

Fingers crossed, we won’t have to, but we’ll notify you as a courtesy if a payment hasn’t been made on time.

NB: Any unidentified payments may result in your rent going into arrears and the unclaimed funds being sent to the Office of State Revenue for retention.

Outgoing Charges

Any invoice you receive, say for water usage or other outgoing charges, should be made into our trust account – i.e. never directly to billers such as Sydney Water. We will always give you adequate time to make your payments. 

Remember to provide your rental reference number when making any payments to us so we can identify the payment as yours.

Repairs & Maintenance

As a tenant, you’re our eyes and ears. We rely on you to report any issues to us as soon as practical. Repairs are classified as either Urgent or Non-Urgent, and these are defined in the Residential Tenancy Agreement on Page 5. Sect 19(a) to 19(k).

If an Urgent Repair is needed outside of office hours, go to Section 19 for instructions on how to proceed. Contact details for our Emergency Tradespersons are on the first page of your lease. 

Please email us with details about your urgent repair situation as soon as possible. If you’re experiencing a power or water outage, we recommend checking online first to see if an outage is affecting your street or area.

We ask that all issues are reported to us as soon as practical to avoid any risk of injury to you or your visitors.

Non-Urgent Repairs

For Non-Urgent repairs, we ask that you email us, use our Repairs Request form, or the Tenant Portal. It helps if you can be as specific as possible – and let us know your access preferences.

If you’ve reported a repair and a tradesperson has yet to contact you within 48 hours, let us know. In most cases, we’ll ask that you be at home to allow tradespeople access. 

NB: We may need to wait for the landlord’s instructions before we can act on any Non-Urgent repair.

Sub-letting & Changes in Shared Tenancy Arrangements

Sub-letting the property in its entirety without approval is a breach of the Lease Agreement. Should this occur, your lease will be terminated immediately.

If a shared tenancy arrangement needs to change, get in touch, and we’ll guide you through the process. If not done correctly, vacated tenants remain responsible for the lease, and remaining tenants may find it more challenging to receive a swift bond refund at the end of the tenancy.

Smoke Alarms

Tenants are responsible for changing batteries in smoke alarms if needed during the tenancy. Please advise us if you cannot reach the smoke alarm, as we are required to have them checked periodically. If smoke alarms are removed or tampered with, tenants will be responsible for the cost of their replacement.

Keys – Locked Out or Locks Changed?

In most cases, we can’t guarantee we’ll be available to give you access with spare keys should you lock yourself out. Plus, we may not have all keys to access your property. In the event of a lockout, it will be your responsibility to arrange and pay for a locksmith.

You are required to provide us with a copy of any new keys if locks are changed during your tenancy.


If a landlord approves your request for a pet, we’ve likely encouraged this. We love pets of all shapes and sizes. We do, however, need the landlord’s express permission. You will be liable for any damage or condition discrepancy your pet(s) may cause. Special conditions relating to your pet approval will form part of your Tenancy Agreement.

Areas of common concerns tend to be:

  • Broken and/or scratched doors and walls
  • Fleas in the property after you have moved
  • Stains on timber floors requiring sanding and polishing
  • Damage to carpet underlay and odour resurfacing after you have moved
  • If you and your pet have been approved, please be mindful of these concerns and consider things from an owner’s point of view

General Maintenance

There are plenty of common sense things you can do to ensure you get your bond back and excellent references from us. For example:

  • Allow natural light and airflow, and stay on top of any mould that appears
  • Give bathrooms a thorough clean every two weeks, including showers
  • Vacuum and dust regularly, especially if you have furry friends
  • Clean the stovetop, oven and walls around the cooking areas
  • Hot tip: if it’s not an ironing board, don’t use it to iron on
  • If you can’t quit smoking, quit smoking inside

Ending Your Tenancy

When you’re ready to move on, we’d appreciate you advising us in writing with as much notice as possible. Also, there are minimum notice requirements depending on the status of your lease at the time.

Once we’ve got your notice, we’ll give you all the information you need for a smooth final inspection and a glowing reference from us.

More on Your Rights and Responsibilities

If you’d like more info about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, head over to NSW Fair Trading, where you’ll find a range of guides and fact sheets.

Alternatively, reach out to us. We’re appointed by the owner, but we’d always allow a tenant access to their rights and give our as honest advice.

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