Hello! A Blog about me, Antonio Mesiti


A little blog about Me

I thought a proper introduction was well overdue. Considering I’m blogging about everything and anything related to Property Management I felt it was time that those reading know a little bit about me, my business and my experience in Property Management.

So here goes, and to keep me from boring you all I’ve enlisted my partner Nelson, to get this done Interview Style.

But first some facts for those of you that don’t know me;

  • I’m Antonio the Director and the Property Manager at The Management Agency
  • I’m 35 and first started in Property Management back in 2003
  • The Management Agency commenced trading in July 2018 after having taken long service leave at my past employer

Why is your Business called The Management Agency?

There are so many agencies out there and most offer Sales and Property Management services.

I wanted it to be clear that my agency is all about Management (Property Management) and in my case the Director is the Property Manager. It’s the Agency that’s just about managing investment properties and that’s what a Property Manager does.

What differentiates your agency from other Property Management Providers?

I offer a traditional Property Management Service but with a One on One approach, where the client’s Property Manager oversees everything from end to end. My clients don’t speak to my accounts department for account enquiries, Leasing team regarding the Leasing of a property or a Principal or Department Manager when they have issues.

They come to me and all of their questions are covered in one call, whether it’s about Leasing, Maintenance, Accounts or anything else, I’m across it because I run a smaller portfolio than most other agencies and know what’s happening at all times. It’s my job to be in the know.

“I use all the latest Tech available to me but my business isn’t just about that.

The Management Agency is more customer – centric focused than anything else.

People want access to tech but they still want service”

What made you leave full time employment to operate your own business?

My main motivation was the flexibility and level of responsibility that this role provides me. Unfortunately there’s only so far that your career can take you within an agency working for an employer in this field. In my experience Property Managers are, for the most part, undervalued until the moment they go to resign from an Agency. This and the pressure of the role contributes to the high turnover of staff in Property Management, it becomes quite detrimental to the overall working environment for those remaining. The loss of staff and therefore loss of knowledge has a flow on effect to clients and their properties where, for a time, everyone’s playing catch up. I have seen first hand the impact of this occurring many times over in my career.

What do you enjoy about Property Management?

Simply put, how my week is broken up into days where I’m either out on the road and days in the office, so no two days are the same and I’m never really confined to an office environment. I like to get out and about even though sometimes it feels like I’m on The Amazing Race.

I don’t think there are many jobs where you have the freedom to set your own week up and run it as you see fit, to be office bound but have the freedom to get up and get out as much as you like and when needed.

What do you NOT enjoy about Property Management?

At times, the uncertainty of the leasing process can be frustrating. You can price a property appropriately and although the feedback is positive, sometimes prospective tenants still don’t apply.

It is all part of the process and the only reason I don’t enjoy it, is my impatience in wanting to get properties occupied ASAP, securing the best possible applicants as I’m always striving for the best outcomes for my clients. Seeking as much feedback as possible though and taking it on board can help this process along but when you’ve done all the right things sometimes it’s a waiting a game to get the right person to turn up and fall in love with the property.

Why did you set up The Management Agency?

Initially to create a role that is flexible for me personally and professionally where I have the end say in how the business operates and with whom I work with.

Over the years, working within other Agencies, I found that staff (myself included) were always limited as to the time, effort and resources that they could devote to their clients and this along with other shortfalls results in Property Managers feeling as though they’re not servicing their clients effectively or to expectations. Unfortunately this does little for one’s confidence or job satisfaction.

It really made sense to operate a business where you’re addressing the concerns that clients have which are simply things like, the high turnover of Property Managers, dealing with multiple people and getting differing answers. Along with calls and emails not being returned, assurances not being met and the poor filtering of information to owners where there are multiple people involved in what can be the simplest of processes. I feel that The Management Agency eliminates all of these issues and grievances for both Landlords and Tenants.

So really, addressing these concerns and getting rid of limitations was behind my reasoning and more than one year in I’m seeing how this is benefiting my clients and am certain that I’ve made the right move.

What are you most Proud of?

Simply being a small business that’s doing well!

Where so many small businesses fail, which was a great fear of mine, I’m on track and kicking my goals ahead of my initial 3 year forecasts. I’m very proud of how far I’ve come in just over a year and that I’ve been able to learn so much in this time.

I’ve learned many aspects of operating a business that I had absolutely no knowledge of prior. So yes, I’m simply proud that I beat my fear of failure and have just put my head down and done whatever I have needed to do to get started and keep the business consistently moving forward.

What do you like to do in your down time?

A lot of nothing but lazing at home with my partner and our two cats. I mostly enjoy gardening which sometimes becomes more of a need to do than a want. At the moment spending a lot of time at home in the Southern Highlands where I do most of my admin work on the days when I’m not needed at the properties I manage.

Otherwise I love food, so cooking is huge for me and of course trying new cafes and restaurants as much as possible. I love to get out of Sydney and head into the country where my parent’s have a farm and really switch off, so at the end of a Saturday showing properties, you’ll catch me on the freeway.

Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

I see myself still in this role with The Management Agency, however my goal is to obviously grow The Management Agency whilst retaining my core principles, business structure and ensuring the service my clients receive is the one they were promised regardless of whom it is servicing them from within the business.

I’m confident that I will require support as the business evolves but I do aim to always remain at the forefront of the business, meeting prospective tenants and clients and doing inspections. I just can’t be office bound all week long and believe a Property Manager must always be at the forefront and available to their clients.

Hopefully you’ve learned a little bit more about me. I think I’ve covered some good questions here but as always open to any questions you might have!

Thanks also to my very supportive partner!



– Antonio

Director & Property Manager