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Great (Rental) Expectations. Part 2 of a 2 Part series

Yes, you can be a tenant and have expectations of your Property Manager. This post might be well placed for setting some boundaries as well as letting tenants know what they should expect from their renting experience & that all starts with some common courtesy!

Mmm, personally I think we all as a society more generally have increased inspections more and more as time goes on but let’s keep these expectations practical and realistic. I’m just saying, it’s 2022 and your Property Manager is not going to be answering your calls at night or on Sunday.

So many of these points are repeated from Part 1. Landlords but I believe they are so relevant to all and maybe across other service-based industries and not just across Property & its Management.

What to Expect from;

Your Property Manager

Same or next day call backs

Same or next day email responses

Clear / unambiguous answers

Courteous communication

The Property

A clean & completely secure home

Reasonable state of repair reflective of the rent paid

Compliant in terms of fire safety, electrical & ventilation

A detailed inspection report prior to or at the time of moving in

The Financials

A cost-free method of paying rent. e.g.) EFT

Flexibility to change payment frequency

Receipts issued on payment or easily on request

Online portal access to track due dates, payment history etc

Working through Maintenance

Reasonable response times to repairs & maintenance

Effective & efficient trades who are reliable

Practical advice / solutions & communication surrounding maintenance

Hesitation free feeling when it comes to reporting maintenance

But What’s Expected of you:

On time rent payments, ideally always

On time reporting of repairs & maintenance, do not hesitate, just report

Flexibility when working with the agent or trades to allow access, within reason

Respect & care for the Property, sharing insight into it’s present & future needs

Courtesy & Respect towards your Property Manager please (can be a tough gig)

Updates on everything! You are the Owners & Property Mangers eyes and ears

Report all maintenance that you are aware of at the one time

So still nothing ground-breaking here but maybe insightful for some readers.

I think the main takeaway for tenants is that communication is key, without tenants passing on details of what is happening at the Property, or surrounding area we can all be otherwise in the dark. I for one am constantly asking my tenants, has this been done, has this tradesperson called you yet and so on. If a tradesperson does the wrong thing we’re not to know unless tenants let us know so we do rely on our tenants who know the Property well to keep us informed.

This is turning into a What’s Expected of you Blog, but a final word of advice: When you do report maintenance, report it all at once to help us avoid sending tradespeople out to the Property constantly. If you are reporting an electrical issue, think of anything else that’s not functioning or that an electrician can repair whilst there, this saves a lot of call-outs.

I’ll wrap up with my final thought and that is that I think it’s crucial that Property Managers have a good relationship with tenants. There is not enough emphasis there in our industry. A Property Manager has a job to do for their client and a tenant can actively help the Property Manager do their job which at the same time helps them, the tenant, to have a comfortable and trouble-free tenancy and time in their home.

Thanks for reading!


– Antonio

Director & Property Manager