Five & Thriving!

I can’t believe that it’s been just over 5 years since setting up The Management Agency and 5 years of working in and on the business! I think a small inner Sydney Property Management Business turning 5 and thriving is worth celebrating and 2023 also marks 20 years for me in Real Estate overall.

So, here’s a little blog covering WHY I started The Management Agency and HOW the business has grown and evolved.


Throughout my first 15 years working for other agencies, I never was all that motivated to run my own agency, however, there came a point just over 5 years ago when this all changed. Put simply, I couldn’t go on working where and for whom I was working for any longer. My goal at the time had been to run the department I was working in, where I’d worked for about 7 years, and I had been waiting for that opportunity to arise.  

When that opportunity arose, although I had the skills, knowledge, and experience to excel in that role, the Director of that business decided to hire externally. When questioned, in their words, they wanted someone “Young & Fresh”, mind you I was 33 at the time. What was a really difficult time for me professionally, ended up being the best thing that ever happened so looking back, I’m really grateful things transpired as they did. Unsurprisingly, Young and Fresh didn’t hang around or work out that well for said previous boss.

After 15 years in the “Traditional Agency,” this was ultimately the last straw in what was a typical experience working in Traditional Real Estate Agencies, I felt and knew that the whole structure just didn’t work. More on the Traditional vs. Specialised Agency in this Blog. The structure was in my opinion, divided, antiquated, and focused on selling and new business targets, never worrying about servicing current and loyal clients who had entrusted us to manage their investment properties.

Looking back had none of this happened, I’d likely still be working for someone else but as time goes on you get to a point where you realise you just can’t give something your all when it’s not working and you’re not appreciated.


It is thanks to all of my past experience that whenever I’m speaking to a new client, I can naturally outline the benefits of what The Management Agency offers. As it sinks in and resonates, I know there is a real need for a service that is responsive, proactive, and solely focused on Property Management. Once clients have experienced the difference, they come back to me and quote the benefits themselves.

How does this work better? Because I’m yet to see Property Management done well on a large scale, platforms, and in big volumes. Can you use technology to manage the day-to-day matters when there is a significant investment from a landlord and ultimately a tenant’s home that you are tasked to manage? I’m yet to see it, instead, I believe that Property Management is a people business first, and heavily tech-reliant agencies or those working with large volumes provide an automated, impersonal service that cannot replace a responsive and person-to-person relationship.

I pride myself on not overloading myself with work or volume of properties and ensuring current clients are taken care of before new clients come on board. A focus on being sustainable with the properties we do manage before any concerns about targets come into place.

Our current clients that we’ve committed to look after are our first and main priority, always. This is our “how” to not only survive but to thrive. Simply put we don’t bite off more than we can chew, and when we say we’ll do something we do it.

Communication is also of great importance as frustration and doubts begin with poor and irregular communication and unreliable responsiveness. Basically, what we expect and want in customer service is what we serve at The Management Agency.

This Blog for instance has been a huge win for how we communicate, along with our Client Quarterly newsletters (sorry, for clients only). These channels allow us to keep in touch and share our knowledge and important industry-related information.

The Management Agency has made it to 5 and I’m pretty confident that we will be around for the long haul, doing Property Management but doing it with an equal focus on people and their properties.

Special thanks go out to all of my loyal clients who have entrusted The Management Agency to look after what is likely one of their largest assets. We do not take the responsibility lightly and our clients can rest assured that we have their best interests in mind at all times.

Here’s to the next 5 years of smashing our goals on our own terms under our own steam brought about by a lot of the above, but also a lot of hard work.

Thank you for following along and supporting our journey.
Antonio & the Team here at The Management Agency

Humble Beginnings

– Antonio

Director & Property Manager