Established in Winter with remarkable growth and results

The Management Agency springs to life in Winter!

Cold and dry pretty much sums up this past winter with colder days then ever before and little of that much needed rain. Throughout this season though I’ve felt that The Management Agency has already grown and hit some major goals.

Winter saw inner Sydney vacancy rates rising by 0.4% to 2.8% while outer Sydney areas experienced even higher vacancy rates.

In the Industry there’s been nothing but talk amongst Property Managers of reduced enquiry levels, open home inspections with no prospective tenants turning up and agencies doing up to 40 open homes of a weekend! I’m sure some have fared worse.

Here at The Management Agency and just two months since having established we’ve had little share of the vacancy but tough times have a way of making agents more resourceful. Well speaking for ourselves anyway.

I find I’ve been more inclined to go that extra step to securing tenants, Inspections outside of working hours and additional inspections outside of normal open home times.

Updating our owners as the inspection finishes and much to the surprise of other agents – my calls to them seeking advise on pricing, advertising and seeing how they’re travelling. Nothing wrong with some networking surely.

Some of our properties have still managed to lease on their first showing having been updated and presenting nicely along with being competitively and realistically priced from the outset. Most valuable to me has been meeting prospective tenants first hand and getting some great feedback about what they’re seeing in the Sydney rental market. It’s been an ongoing education and invaluable meeting future tenants first hand for myself.

Tenants have by far been inspecting more properties on a Saturday than most agents would be and they seem genuinely happy that they their fair pick of properties.

So it’s been a busy winter really ensuring that all bases have been covered in leasing and managing properties that are new to The Management Agency.

We’ve listed properties from new investors, enjoyed some great referral business and taken over managements from other agencies. We’ve therefore been busy inspecting them all and ensuring our new clients are seeing a difference for themselves.

The Management Agency is growing organically and at a great pace, so far the feedback from our tenants and owners has been nothing but encouraging.

I am very excited to see what Spring holds for us, no doubt some new challenges and projects and as always an interesting rental market.


– Antonio

Director & Property Manager