Does your Property Manager know it all?


If you called your property manager to ask a question, would they have the answer on hand?

Well we can’t know it all really, but at the same time, it’s kind of our “angle”.

I’m sure I’ve written about this on the website but I feel it’s an important advantage that The Management Agency offers.

How many other agencies can say that it all starts and ends with one person and that this person has to know it all, know the tenants, know the landlords and is across all communication.

So, what do I know that can make a real difference to both owners and tenants.

-Who’s paid rent and who hasn’t

-What’s pending and what’s completed

-Who viewed what property

-Who’s moving in and out

-Status on repairs, financials

There’s no confusion as to who to call, no being passed around or passing blame.

Of course, on a small scale this is achievable but I’ve named the business as an Agency as who knows what the future holds – I’ll always plan ahead and keep the scales firmly balanced in our client’s favour.


– Antonio

Director & Property Manager