How easy is it to Change your Managing Agents?


Firstly, let me say it’s not like the daunting task of refinancing your home loan to another lender but we all associate with that task as being a huge undertaking. I wouldn’t know about changing banks though because like you, who has the time and patience for that.

BUT Changing Property Managers, isn’t that hard from the landlords, or even the tenant’s perspective which I’ve found is a real concern for a lot of landlords. They don’t want their tenants to be concerned or inconvenienced. Fair enough, but it’s a pretty simple process and one that’s largely undertaken by the new agent you’ve chosen to manage your property.

What does it mean for Tenants?

As an owner you might be concerned about the inconvenience caused to your tenants but this is it.

  • Tenant does need to change where they pay rent to, most agencies offer similar payment methods anyway and all need to provide a fee free payment option by law
  • The tenant has a new point of contact should they need anything
  • An inspection will be needed after the changeover for your property manager to familiarise themselves with the property and assess any outstanding or new issues your tenant might want to raise
  • It would also be fair that the new agent gives the tenant a brief explanation as to what initiated the change to give them some peace of mind

Not hard at all right? If anything, maybe your tenant will like the change and dealing with someone new or even more attentive. Who knows?

And for Landlords?

Three simple steps and these can be found by clicking here on my website.

Because really after these steps it’s up to your new agent to carry out a physical inspection and collection of your documentation relating to your property and its tenancy.

It’s that simple and straightforward that this is my shortest blog post to date.

If you’re thinking of making a change or would just like to have a chat about anything and everything Property Management feel free to contact me here.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Antonio 🙂


– Antonio

Director & Property Manager