Burr, it’s Cold in here!


Winter is well and truly here and with that it’s typical of most rental markets to be slightly quieter meaning more properties available and less prospective tenants wanting to make a move during this hibernating period. So, it’s not generally a great time to be Increasing rents depending on supply and demand levels in your area and it’s more so a time to be ensuring that owners are on top of their maintenance.

For most this means ensuring gutters are clear and any roofing works are taken care of. Property Managers fear heavy downpours and subsequent roof leaks. Roofers willing to jump up on a roof in wet weather are more than rare!
Tenants should be encouraged to report any signs of dampness or full gutters to their agent or owner, don’t forget tenants are our eyes and ears and we rely on them to report maintenance.

Spending a couple of hundred dollars on scheduled gutter cleaning for houses and terraces can save thousands in the long run and have your roofer check for any minor repairs whilst up there so you can aim to be proactive instead of reactive.


– Antonio

Director & Property Manager