Trouble free tenancies – 5 Tips on How to be a Great Landlord and Tenant!


Being a great landlord and tenant makes for a smooth-running relationship, a longer lasting and a mutually beneficial tenancy.

There are many ways in which tenancies can turn out to be a less than desirable arrangement for landlords and tenants, assuming that there is an experienced Property Management Specialist in place then a lot of issues can either be prevented or swiftly resolved. Following our tips below is at the least, a great start!

Think of it as Teamwork.

  1. Communicate!

This one is key and it all comes back to this.

Always keep the lines of communication open in all situations regardless of whether or not there are updates on a situation. No one likes to feel as though they’ve been forgotten and It’s always best that all parties are in the know. Don’t be so hard to reach which keeps others waiting and for anything important make sure it’s in writing.

  1. Be Reliable and Accountable

Do what you say you’re going to do and be open and honest if you can’t stick to any arrangement and be accountable for any repercussions. People will always have a good feeling about someone that they can rely on and owns up to any shortcomings – we all have those.

  1. Be Organised

In so many ways we need to be organised, keeping appointments, keeping records in order and knowing when and what is due. It’s important as an Owner or Tenant to be as organised as possible, have a system in place as these days it’s necessary.

  1. Be Professional

Some informal banter and chat don’t take away from this but it’s always best to keep professional relationships, just that. Tone down on “tone”, swearing and attitude. It is not compatible with problem solving to be aggressive or unprofessional.

  1. Don’t Delay (unnecessarily)

Yes, No, Maybe. Sometimes tough calls need to be made and some don’t need delaying. If there are a few invested parties try not to be the one who delays if you can help it. Sometimes quick decisions need to be made and sometimes those are the best ones.

Also, necessary. Being compassionate in a working relationship can mean understanding that people fall on tough times, owners may not always be in a position to act on non-urgent maintenance and tenants can have unforeseen delays with being paid and therefore paying rent. A level of understanding and compassion can go a long way towards building good working relationships.

It all comes down to communication which allows for good working relationships and having a Property Manager in place should help and not hinder this, dependant on how effective a communicator they are. It is in the challenging times that you’ll be able to tell.


– Antonio

Director & Property Manager