2020, What lies ahead


Well, 2020 is now here and while I’m excited to see what that holds for The Management Agency & myself, we can already see it’s going to be a year of change and challenge when it comes to the world and country that we live in.

This Summer spent working from the Southern Highlands outside of Sydney shows us what Australians are made of, I’ve seen the local community here rally to support those affected by fires and doing everything they can. If I personally felt the fear spending days glued to the Fires near me app, local radio, and news, in fear of ember attacks and an approaching fire I can’t begin to imagine what those who were directly impacted have gone through. What we’ve learned is how generous and willing people are to help with their time and money, we also learned when it came to packing up our home ready to leave, just how few items we valued, packed and needed. The fact that material possessions were not important to us was a very real wake up call personally.

What can you do to help? Well I know a lot of us already have donated, I personally felt WIRES needed my donations but all of the causes are worthy ones. Here are some links below if you can donate what you can. The word is that financial donations are making the most impact at this time over food, clothing and other material donations.


Red Cross

NSW Rural Fire Service

Or you can donate to the Celeste Barber Fundraiser where we know funds will be disbursed where it’s needed most, between the RFS, Red Cross & to those impacted by the Fires.

The need for donations and support will go on for some time so what we need in 2020 is community action to get behind these causes and pressure on our Government, Local & Federal to act before we see a repeat of these past few weeks. The Management Agency will continue to donate as much as we can consistently throughout the year of course.

Tenants are also reminded of their Rental Rights amid the bushfire crisis in this timely article put together by Kate Burke at Domain.

In the Property Management space;

We’re already set to see some changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, despite a lot of back and forth these are coming into place even though we’re not all 100% clear what they’ll mean for landlords, tenants, and Property Managers. Time will tell and I’ll do my best to keep my blog updated as I learn more and more what this means for Property Investors in NSW.

For the latest updates, I’ve been following the REINSW Latest News and also the Office of Fair-Trading updates. Check them out or ask me for a copy of the latest news. I’ll be blogging through the next few months as more news and updates become available and concentrating on the aspects that will have the most impact on Landlords and Tenants.

The way in which Real Estate Agents are qualified, licensed and their ongoing training requirements will be a lot more involved, and that might not be a bad thing at all as we move towards more detailed and Professional Standards across the board. I hope this will mean a better standard of service and delivery to everyone involved and a clearer picture of everyone’s rights and responsibilities.

As for The Management Agency, 2019 saw consistent growth with many new clients onboard across many Inner Sydney Suburbs. I’m now managing many properties across suburbs that I love working within such as Redfern, Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, and the Eastern Suburbs.

Whilst I’ve experienced this growth the 2019 Rental Market was the toughest, I’ve seen in some years in terms of Rental returns and higher than the normal seasonal vacancy rates. Whilst this has meant some great outcomes for tenants searching for new properties as they have been in a better negotiating position it has been difficult for many clients accepting stagnant rental growth and in many cases accepting lower rents. The positive to this though has been a focus on keeping our tenants happy and meeting their needs.

What I hope for 2020 is more consistent growth and the onboarding of new clients, but more so my focus is going to be adding value and being consistent in the servicing of my current clients. Something that most agencies forget is to take care of those loyal clients you already have with you.

More importantly, I hope for some action across the so many issues that we face as Australians in the hope that we collectively recognise the issues and act as we should, now and well into the future.

Like someone I know recently said, let’s strive for progress as we navigate the issues that are affecting our country and its communities.

I wish you all a Safe and Peaceful 2020, Antonio @ The Management Agency


– Antonio

Director & Property Manager